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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Is this mean seeing picture in greater resolution, no In fact not at all. The true essence of this phrase is Think, Plan and Implement on bigger and huge basis.

Like if I talk about earning then two things should popup in your mind at once, first think for the bigger picture to earn and second should be targeted unique for every case like in this case for earning it will be multiple streams of income. Think about it.

I always like good or bad comments.

Do you know why? , I have already given you the hint to the answer of this question.

Because Good Comments give me the power and enthusiasm and many more things to do much better and bad comments give me the chance to learn so I love both but balance is good !

I hope you got the lesson, Be Postive and Think Optimistic.

Practical Success Approach - Must See

Now let’s make a some approach to success and we’ll see what your preference is:


As I said before, starting from bottom and grow to top is one of the best choice.


Starting from top and staying to top, I don’t prefer it


This is the best approach towards success in my view because starting from bottom to top is good but best is to start from bottom and then grow to top again fall little bit and again grow more may be in this sequesnce:

Bottom Start – Grow – Grow– Grow– Fall -Grow– Grow– Grow– Fall - Grow– Grow– Grow– Grow– Fall - Grow– Grow– Grow– Grow– Fall and so on.

Do you have any solid reason to why to go for third method if we can go directly to top.

Great Logical Reasons behind this perspective or theory is that if you go to success without falling, you will not be familiar with failure and mistakes, secondly you cannot repeat mistakes to see what’s update or responding is going on and you will not be prepared to face mistakes if you don’t practice it.

The great reason is that a sudden failure can cause you a huge loss and if you are in practice making small mistakes and learning from it. The lessons you have learned till now and if you don’t repeat it you will not face huge problems that can push you in depression and negative thinking. May be you are really confused that sometimes I say that repeating mistakes time to time is good and on the contrary I say that learn from mistakes and don’t repeat it. So which mistakes is good to repeat and which ones to do and just learn from it and never repeat again.

I classify mistakes in to two very basic categories

1st | Common Obvious Mistakes | Which are the mistakes like stealing, slapping or anything for which you are very sure that it will have this effect, may be from assumption or prediction or preferably from experience. Then don’t try to repeat those things.

2nd | Dependent or Based Mistakes | are the mistakes which are based on any situation or anything. I must tell you one thing before clarifying this confusion that Human Behavior and Communication are two major parts of success in my view. So repeat those mistakes which are related to individual cases or to human behavior or about which you are not yet confirmed. I hope you are now clarified with your confusions and if you are still not than I will be illuminating it in later posts with high reasoning or you can ask questions from comment box.

Now do you really agree that so far this article changed the way you think or did you got some good things out of it.

Thought Provoking - Dress For Success

One thing more I would like to say that I am not any expert or Guru but I think anybody who think deeply and give time for understanding complex things can do it and after some time you even don’t feel that effort and you can easily mould yourself. Each and everything is my personal thought and creativity but everybody is inspired from somebody. What I am doing is sharing the mistakes that I have done and that people usually do, the ones which can cost you high, and many more things really useful to know and important to implement to get success otherwise you are personally stopping yourself from success.

Some heavy and thought provoking “Law of Success” quotes and perspectives.

Do you want to think like me or better than me then first learn how to separate the mere gossip and information from facts. The man who actually know just what he wants in life has already gone a long way towards attaining it. In short Focus.

Start from bottom and climb to top rather than start from top and stay there.

Nothing is permanent except change, keep this in mind and you will be ever ready for challenges.

One thing more is never to pass judgment before pretending to know the fact.

If you are successful, remember that somewhere, sometime, someone gave you a lift or an idea that started you in the right direction. Remember also that you are indebted to life until you help some less fortune person, just as you were helped.

Success Fire - You Have IT !

What is Fire, How many types of fire you know, you may know the common fire that is the one you see on daily basis in kitchen, that can harm you or can cook something and many more things. But I am talking about some other fire you haven’t yet heard about it, The very powerful, very useful and works like a miracle that is the optimistic competition and failure fire.

What’s this?

It is something that every body is having in his own self but very few realize it and very very few use it, it works fast and show results. The fire of competition and the fire of failure both is unique and there is one requirement that the companionship you are having with you should be good because this rule runs on environment. Think about it.

I have written many points, rules and many things but I would like to take a little break and Thank you for visiting it and this is what I consider it as a great contribution by you. Thanks again.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Maths Success Perspective

Hard to understand - Have you taken Maths as your subject at college. Did you ever taken help at critical time of submission of test may be by the end of the week to solve the problems you are facing difficulty in. I would love to get help and contact my friend or teacher but I will try to avoid getting full help because that is harmful to get full help at once to solve fast when you faced difficulty.

Why not?

Maths is the subject which reflects the practical life. The reason you asked help is difficulty and in practical life you face more difficulty so relying on others and not doing hard work will force you to fail again and again and that’s your fault and you will learn the same lesson again and again what I have told you that Do Not rely on others and do hard work.

Understanding Newton's Law from my point of view is Success.

third law of motion is a accelerator to your success wheel, I still remember that law “Every action has its equal and opposite reaction”

I can write thousands of reasons to prove that this is one of the logical and best rule for achieving success.

In general, If I slap you then you will do the same or will do more than that and If I remain humble to you then I will get same good and sweet response by which I will be happy. So the lesson is treat the people in the way you like to be treated .

As simple as that but believe me try it one time and you will be shocked by the positve results.

No One Is Perfect !

A fact about myself is I am writing for success on this superb blog namely Success Owners but I personally sometimes forget or don’t implement, I want to draw your attention towards “no one is perfect”.

The difference between perfection and imperfection is little and that is the difference between success and failure. But people are having misconceptions about the difference. These days people count perfection or imperfection on every work and think like anyone cannot be perfect so the rule I have stated above also works for negative too that is

I can do it, if I believe I can

So you are motivated negatively at subconcious of your mind and it works too. So count perfection or imperfection on your whole life for example if I worked 100 times in my life then I did 5 things wrong and that is failure and other 95 is success and learn from those five mistakes.

Success Catalyst And Useful Tips

I have a catalyst that will help you work 80% faster.

Decision at right time with right approach

These five words can change your way of thinking . I have failed many times as I said before but that taught me this rule time and time again.

The young newbie’s dive in Internet World is always enthusiastic and they try to get success and in working for success they usually over do everything due to there over enthusiasm, Avoid it

Modesty is the path of safety

Make a daily routine to talk with your own self for fifteen minutes realizing the mistakes , over do’s and also think about what can be done better.

How about slapping yourself sounds mad but works. If you really want to see fast result without short cuts then believe me some time fifteen minutes really don’t work so slap yourself every time you repeat any mistake but be cautious that no body see it. This works for mostly 18 – 25 age groups.

Creative Thoughts

A dive in the pool of creative thoughts, why generally we underestimate the failures because we don’t know that they are the fastest learners. Its all about perspectives , I see failure happen after full efforts is more than success.

The best age to try every good thing you love is when you are starting at your early age. Is it confusing or sounds like I am mad. The basic reason behind this point is the opportunity cost.

Many people work according to this point but at their later age after many years and they realize it at that time and the proof of what I am saying is you will find many books on titles similar to I learned from this much dollars $$$$$$$$ I lose. At this time some people get shocked and may ask how the hell you earned this much dollars, actually its not the real earning or lose practically but it’s the calculation of opportunity cost.

Start now before your opportunity cost goes up, start simultaneously at starting.

I am going to little technical here, If a webmaster want to launch a website and the content is good too but no visitors are coming so what he is going to do , Probably close it, well that’s not what an intelligent person would do or will think like.

Basic Rule: Never lose hope or surrender

Dream – Deserve – Desire

Have you ever thought that you are successful or failure, may be your answer is positive but did you really ever thought about what your success definition is probably not. Focus on it.

If you want to get success according to your good definition then first step is to set a definite chief aim and deeply focus on that particular thing. Secondly, concentration is the key to success but you don’t have it, I know a place from where you can get that if you don’t have or even want more and that place to generate concentration is Ambition and Desire.

Or I can simply write it in the words by priority, This is my 3d rule

Dream – Deserve – Desire

Very Warm Welcome To My Blog and My First Post !

In my viewpoint success is the opposite of failure and failure is the opposite of success, both are having its criteria, types, common usage, formal defination but we are not going to understand that, in this blog we are going to be practical, sharing our experiences, sharing good thoughts, what to do and what not to do and much more. In short how to change your personality and wear the dress of success.

I am 18 years old, Addies is my nick. I am here to share my viewpoints and perspectives to success and failures. I am not an expert but I learned from failure. I did mistakes, I learned from my mistakes. I did blunders and I learned from blunders.

In short, I love to fail by mistake if I learned from that mistake.

In the same way I faced tons of mistakes from my childhood till now. No one is perfect and every single person in this world is doing and will do mistakes but not repeating it is itself more than a success.

The best approach towards success is to try your best by always keeping this “Law of Success” quote in mind

”I can do it, If I believe I can”

Even then you will do mistake and its natural but those mistakes will teach you as the best master.

A normal person if do 10 mistakes then after understanding and keeping law of success quote in mind he will only do 2 or 3 mistakes, so you can understand how much quality lesson you can get from that mistakes.

See you soon in the next post, Please keep visiting.