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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Creative Thoughts

A dive in the pool of creative thoughts, why generally we underestimate the failures because we don’t know that they are the fastest learners. Its all about perspectives , I see failure happen after full efforts is more than success.

The best age to try every good thing you love is when you are starting at your early age. Is it confusing or sounds like I am mad. The basic reason behind this point is the opportunity cost.

Many people work according to this point but at their later age after many years and they realize it at that time and the proof of what I am saying is you will find many books on titles similar to I learned from this much dollars $$$$$$$$ I lose. At this time some people get shocked and may ask how the hell you earned this much dollars, actually its not the real earning or lose practically but it’s the calculation of opportunity cost.

Start now before your opportunity cost goes up, start simultaneously at starting.

I am going to little technical here, If a webmaster want to launch a website and the content is good too but no visitors are coming so what he is going to do , Probably close it, well that’s not what an intelligent person would do or will think like.

Basic Rule: Never lose hope or surrender


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