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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Success Catalyst And Useful Tips

I have a catalyst that will help you work 80% faster.

Decision at right time with right approach

These five words can change your way of thinking . I have failed many times as I said before but that taught me this rule time and time again.

The young newbie’s dive in Internet World is always enthusiastic and they try to get success and in working for success they usually over do everything due to there over enthusiasm, Avoid it

Modesty is the path of safety

Make a daily routine to talk with your own self for fifteen minutes realizing the mistakes , over do’s and also think about what can be done better.

How about slapping yourself sounds mad but works. If you really want to see fast result without short cuts then believe me some time fifteen minutes really don’t work so slap yourself every time you repeat any mistake but be cautious that no body see it. This works for mostly 18 – 25 age groups.


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