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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No One Is Perfect !

A fact about myself is I am writing for success on this superb blog namely Success Owners but I personally sometimes forget or don’t implement, I want to draw your attention towards “no one is perfect”.

The difference between perfection and imperfection is little and that is the difference between success and failure. But people are having misconceptions about the difference. These days people count perfection or imperfection on every work and think like anyone cannot be perfect so the rule I have stated above also works for negative too that is

I can do it, if I believe I can

So you are motivated negatively at subconcious of your mind and it works too. So count perfection or imperfection on your whole life for example if I worked 100 times in my life then I did 5 things wrong and that is failure and other 95 is success and learn from those five mistakes.


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