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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Practical Success Approach - Must See

Now let’s make a some approach to success and we’ll see what your preference is:


As I said before, starting from bottom and grow to top is one of the best choice.


Starting from top and staying to top, I don’t prefer it


This is the best approach towards success in my view because starting from bottom to top is good but best is to start from bottom and then grow to top again fall little bit and again grow more may be in this sequesnce:

Bottom Start – Grow – Grow– Grow– Fall -Grow– Grow– Grow– Fall - Grow– Grow– Grow– Grow– Fall - Grow– Grow– Grow– Grow– Fall and so on.

Do you have any solid reason to why to go for third method if we can go directly to top.

Great Logical Reasons behind this perspective or theory is that if you go to success without falling, you will not be familiar with failure and mistakes, secondly you cannot repeat mistakes to see what’s update or responding is going on and you will not be prepared to face mistakes if you don’t practice it.

The great reason is that a sudden failure can cause you a huge loss and if you are in practice making small mistakes and learning from it. The lessons you have learned till now and if you don’t repeat it you will not face huge problems that can push you in depression and negative thinking. May be you are really confused that sometimes I say that repeating mistakes time to time is good and on the contrary I say that learn from mistakes and don’t repeat it. So which mistakes is good to repeat and which ones to do and just learn from it and never repeat again.

I classify mistakes in to two very basic categories

1st | Common Obvious Mistakes | Which are the mistakes like stealing, slapping or anything for which you are very sure that it will have this effect, may be from assumption or prediction or preferably from experience. Then don’t try to repeat those things.

2nd | Dependent or Based Mistakes | are the mistakes which are based on any situation or anything. I must tell you one thing before clarifying this confusion that Human Behavior and Communication are two major parts of success in my view. So repeat those mistakes which are related to individual cases or to human behavior or about which you are not yet confirmed. I hope you are now clarified with your confusions and if you are still not than I will be illuminating it in later posts with high reasoning or you can ask questions from comment box.

Now do you really agree that so far this article changed the way you think or did you got some good things out of it.


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