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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thought Provoking - Dress For Success

One thing more I would like to say that I am not any expert or Guru but I think anybody who think deeply and give time for understanding complex things can do it and after some time you even don’t feel that effort and you can easily mould yourself. Each and everything is my personal thought and creativity but everybody is inspired from somebody. What I am doing is sharing the mistakes that I have done and that people usually do, the ones which can cost you high, and many more things really useful to know and important to implement to get success otherwise you are personally stopping yourself from success.

Some heavy and thought provoking “Law of Success” quotes and perspectives.

Do you want to think like me or better than me then first learn how to separate the mere gossip and information from facts. The man who actually know just what he wants in life has already gone a long way towards attaining it. In short Focus.

Start from bottom and climb to top rather than start from top and stay there.

Nothing is permanent except change, keep this in mind and you will be ever ready for challenges.

One thing more is never to pass judgment before pretending to know the fact.

If you are successful, remember that somewhere, sometime, someone gave you a lift or an idea that started you in the right direction. Remember also that you are indebted to life until you help some less fortune person, just as you were helped.


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